Łukasz Szum

Lukasz is our international business development manager covering a wide array of industries. He is responsible for establishing new business relationships and managing connections in foreign countries.

He is a top graduate from the University of Warsaw, Law and Administration Faculty, with a masters thesis concerned with the Bill of Lading in Polish and British law. He also obtained the certificates: Economics of the Oil Supply Chain and Trading Oil on International Markets from Cambridge University, UK.

For over 10 years, Lukasz has been a member of the Polish National Shooting team.  He has received multiple awards - a gold medal at the World University Sport Shooting Championship in 2010 and a bronze at Universiade in 2011. He is an avid sportsman, nature photographer and hunter, and a distinguished member of Safari Club in Poland.

He travels extensively for work and pleasure, expanding his understanding of world cultures and sharpening his business acumen.



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